The Chainsmokers, In Their Opportunistic Mediocrity, Were Certainly The Edm Breakthrough We Deserved This Year.

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But if Ive realized anything in these months since Kylie Jenners awakening, its that dumbness, too, must be taken seriously that ignoring dumbness does not make it disappear; that dumbness does not negate power but, rather, fortifies it. The Chainsmokers, in their opportunistic mediocrity, were certainly the EDM breakthrough we deserved this year. But for me, Marshmello was the perfect mascot for 2016: a fucking dancing marshmallow, blissfully trolling America. None of this changes the fact that Alone is a perfect song. It does not drip with self-conscious irony like a PC Music track, nor is it cynically efficient in the style of, say, an Afrojack banger. There is a purity about Alone that makes it impossible for me to believe Marshmello is all gimmick and no emotion. What initially struck me was its similarity to the giddily overblown-on-purpose sound often referred to as maximalism employed by a tenuously connected bunch of early-10s producers like Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, and arguably Skrillex himself. (Thump editor Ezra Marcus also noted the connection in a recent piece.) These guys probed the boundaries of good taste to improbably beautiful effect, weaponizing schlock and amplifying every emotion to cartoonish extremes. These comparisons only go so far; besides Alone, little of Marshmellos growing catalogue suggests that he has the depth or technique of an artist like Rustie, at least at this relatively early point in his career.

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