She Also Used Case Studies From Her Personal Experiences To Further Explain The Lecture.

Penn State AdClub hosts social media marketing and advertising information session Buy Now KC Black Barb Horne, senior marketing strategist at ideal image marketing, talking to the Ad Club in 113 Carnegie on Monday January 23, 2017. Barb Horne, senior marketing strategist for Penn State World Campus and owner of Ideal Image Marketing, spoke to students Monday night about advertising via Facebook and how to strategically market to reach specific audiences. Horne spoke to about 40 students in 113 Carnegie, in an event called Social Media Advertising: Measuring a Good Return, hosted by the Penn State AdClub. Facebook ads can transform small businesses search engine marketing website into something viral without hurting their budget, Horne said. She further elaborated on Facebook ads, and said that it all depends on what your strategy is in marketing them to audiences. During the presentation, students snacked on free Insomnia Cookies and Pokey Sticks as Horne listed a few of the best practices for Facebook advertising. She also used case studies from her personal experiences to further explain the lecture. Horne said there are three things to keep in mind when creating a Facebook advertisement: awareness, consideration and conversion. Finding those niche audiences are very important, Horne said. Horne used a case study from a previous client she worked with Colonial Marble & Granite to show how she created Facebook ads to boost their audience numbers. Horne said using buzz words that relate to the specific brand you are trying to advertise can really help 100 percent satisfaction was a key word in advertising the Colonial Marble & Granite on Facebook.

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Some Basic Tips On Sensible Solutions Of Facebook Marketing